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This tribute was inspired by his widow, Madame Kadiatou Sall-Beye

To everything there is a season

And a time to every purpose under the heaven;

Ten years ago, Alioune Blondin Beye, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Angola, died, in a plane crash that also took the lives of 7 of his colleagues, in the territory of Côte D'Ivoire. He was on a peace tour of the sub-region. He died in the line of duty, trying to bring peace to Angola.

He died as an African hero.

A time to be born,

Alioune Blondin was born at Bafoulabe, Kayes, in what was then the "Soudan Français", today Republic of Mali,

and a time to die

Alioune Blondin Beye died on 26 June 1998. Ten years, day per day, from the date of his appointment on 28 June 1993;

A time to plant, Selected among the very best in the territory, he was accepted at the famous Lycée Askia Mohamed, Bamako, and later, at Auxonne and Semur en Auxois, France where he obtained his Baccalauréat in 1960

and a time to pluck up that which is planted

A caring and devoted son, he interrupted his studies in France and went home to care for his ailing father..he became Police Commissioner in his native land…but after his father passed away, he returned to France to complete his education;

A time to kill,

He was admitted to the faculty of Law Sciences at the University of Dijon, France where he earned a Masters Degree in Law in 1966

and a time to heal

He later earned a Doctorate Degree in International administration and a Post Graduate Diploma in Political Science

A time to break down,

He passed the bar exam in France in 1970

and a time to build up

and he passed the bar exam in Mali in 1972

A time to weep,

Alioune Blondin could have chosen to remain in France once he completed his formal education

and a time to laugh

that would have been the easier way

A time to mourn,

yet Alioune Blondin chose to return to his newly independent country

and a time to dance

to participate in the development of his nation and his people

A time to cast away stones,

Alioune Blondin was appointed Legal Adviser to the Government in 1973

And a time to gather stones together

He was appointed and served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Mali from 1978 to 1986

A time to embrace,

In 1988 he was appointed Secretary-General of the African Development Bank and later, Director of its Legal Department in 1991

and a time to refrain from embracing

He left the African Development Bank in 1993 to become Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Angola…an African nation ravaged by war

A time to get,

Alioune Blondin revealed himself as the man of the situation with unparalleled duty and commitment

and a time to lose

After masterminding the "Lusaka Protocol" he devoted himself to the peace process

A time to keep,

Nothing was more important to Alioune Blondin than finding the peace in Angola

and a time to cast away

a tireless warrior for peace..he traveled day and night in search of the solution

A time to rend,

He gave his life >

and a time to sew

in a struggle for the U.N. ideal of peace on earth

A time to keep silence,

He died in a quest for peace

and a time to speak

He wanted peace for Angola

A time to love

He wanted peace for Africa

and a time to hate

He wanted peace for the world

A time of war,

He wanted peace

and a time of peace

He wanted wars to cease

To everything there is a season

And a time to every purpose under the heaven;